Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sweden Attacks U.S. - or - Do They?

It's being said at various web-locales that The Knife have released some American (New York and California) tour dates. On one level this is pretty exciting: Silent Shout is one of the few albums in recent memory pretty much everyone I know can agree on. The songs are well written, the melodies are catchy in a really counter-intuitive way, but most importantly the first track get's the ball rolling with the A#1 rhythmic figure of the moment - a hard three against four. Plus, I've heard that the guy gives interviews through a vocoder. Badass. Apparantly the live show will be accompanied by a mind-expanding multimedia extravaganza befitting such a rare this-side-of-the-Atlantic performance of Swedish electro-goth-pop.

Unfortunately, Pitchfork seems to have taken their announcement of the dates off of their site. A hoax? Doesn't seem like it. But any guy who gives interviews through a vocoder can only be trusted so far.

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