Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween as Halloween -or- Jamie Lee Curtis in a DayGlo Wig

As much as I think everyone should go home tomorrow night, at whatever time, in whatever state of undress, and whatever state of sobriety, and listen to Dead Hills One in a good pair of headphones, I'd rather talk about Arthur Brown's "Fire". I have no idea how many people have or have not ever heard this song. It was ostensibly a hit when it came out, but has fallen into some sort of obscurity since then. What amazes me is that people who knew the song back in the day don't bust it out at least at certain times, like, well Halloween.

What is so amazing about "Fire" is that it's a song that is supposed to be scary, it's about people meeting their just deserts, righteous indignation, doom and death, but it's so ridiculous that it stops being scary on that level and graduates to a level where you begin to think that Arthur Brown and his organ player are about to leap out of the radio and slit your throat. And all for the crime of "living like a little girl".

Man, I love that song. I'd write more but I have to watch The Exorcist.

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